Since 1882 the BARSANTI family has been creating in Pietrasanta, called also the “little Italian Athens”,  high-quality handcrafted works in marble, bronze and mosaic.

The last heir, Emanuele Barsanti, has been carrying forth for decades the activities of the company founded by his great grandfather, MARTINO BARSANTI, exporting all over the world his masterpieces, under the name of BARSANTI MARBLE BRONZE MOSAIC.

Each work realized is unique, crafted on the basis of a specific requirement of the client for that which concerns dimensions, model, choice of material and finish.

The name BARSANTI is synonymous with high quality, both for the expertise with which works are realized as well as for the choice of materials. 



To receive a quotation, all you have to do is send us a request, attaching a drawing or a photo of the work that you intend to have reproduced, specifying the dimensions.

If you do not have a photo or a drawing, we are available to use our models via our photographic archive and our vast plaster models collection that, together, offer thousands of subjects.

On request, we can craft scale models for sculptural projects, modelling clay and creating the plaster casts from it, works that become the models for the sculptures to carve in marble or cast in bronze.

Furthermore, we work closely with Clients to collaborate on architectonic projects, putting our centenarian experience in the artistic sector at their disposal. 


Our History

The first studio was opened by Martino Barsanti in Pietrasanta in 1882.

Having an ambitious and adventurous character, Martino decided immediately to look for work overseas, thereby opening a considerable market for marble and works crafted from it in Central and South America, followed by the United States.

Gino, his son and then Amerigo, forged ahead with the activity without changing it substantially, creating principally sculptural and architectonic works of a religious nature.

The son of Amerigo, also called Gino, during the second half of the 1900s, took control of the company established, inside the horseshoe shaped studio, an area to combine Venetian mosaic works and bronze works, using the lost wax method, with the already existing marble works.

Since 1994, Emanuele, the last heir of the Barsanti family, having reached the fourth generation, continues the activity carrying forth not only the centenarian experience, but also the photographic archive that is rich with plates and negatives and a vast plaster model collection that is used to satisfy practically any requirement. 

In more than a century of activity, the company has created hundreds and hundreds of works.

Just to name a few, we mention the interior decorations for: St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, NY (USA);  St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C. (USA); Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, OH (USA); Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon in Guatemala City (Guatemala); Basilica del SS. Rosario in Buenos Aires (Argentina); 

The mosaics inside the Iglesia San Tarcisio and an  “Indios” in bronze 9 meters tall for the Museo Ciudad de Dios, both in the city of Maracaibo (Venezuela). 

The works with the “Barsanti” signature have been exported also in China and Japan, for the Salesians Institutes.

There are also numerous artistic works in marble, bronze and mosaic that the Barsanti company has produced that are not of a religious nature, such as those for Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, NE (USA) and those for the cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.